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If you’re a busy person and you love fashion, it pays to know someone who shops every day. That’s how Jennifer Shirk has become a fashion resource to many a vintage fashionista. She’s has been selling vintage clothes for at least 10 years and her latest incarnation is Minx, a shop at 111 E 16th Street where I recently found this vintage Hawaiian dress.

After studying fashion at Indiana University, Jennifer found her way to entrepreneurship by deciding a career as buyer for a big box store wasn’t her cup of tea. “You have to think like the masses,” she said. “I wouldn’t have been very good at that.”

Thank goodness she realized that because it frees her to comb the earth looking for vintage things you and I might like, which she does faithfully every day. “You have to,” Jennifer said. I’ve got her on the lookout for a leopard print coat for my collection. She also helped me resolve the question of what to wear with a groovy trapeze dress by suggesting a pair of olive boots and tights.

Although Minx has something for everyone, Jennifer says her most faithful customers are people who have a true sense of style. “A real vintage lover is someone who really doesn’t care what people think,” she said. “They wear whatever they want and they don’t need anyone’s endorsement to feel good in it.”

Minx is stocked with a mix of vintage and modern things for costuming or every day wear. If you are outside the Indianapolis area, you can still tap Jennifer as a fashion resource. She blogs about her shopping discoveries and bashes trends at Indy Fash Bash, where you’ll find an E-bay link to some of her choicest vintage finds. Wherever you are, shopping vintage is a sure way to find your own personal stylist–free!

Who is your favorite fashion resource or personal shopper?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.