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Two days I week, I make a long trek to the opposite side of Indianapolis to indulge in an alternate passion: I work as a children’s librarian in a public library. What I love most about the job are the funny conversations with kids. A recent favorite was this whiney complaint from a prissy little five-year-old about a pop-up book: “I can’t open the pages because of all the crap in this book.”

Occasionally, I run across a few who have an early radar system for fashion like the five-year-old who submitted a standard coloring page of a ghost we’re using for the Halloween coloring contest. Her sheet included an extra component, added to complete the goblin’s outfit: lace up shoes! When I asked if she liked shoes as much as I did, she nodded with a big broad smile. The white ballerina flats with bows sort of completed my suspicion: another Imelda in the making.

Later, another little girl appeared in a fanciful purple crushed velvet dress with black netting and silver buttons. When I complimented her dress, the girl’s mother said it was her Halloween costume. “Ah, well, that looks pretty enough to wear every day,” I said. Mid-sentence, I realized her mother was making hand motions, trying to discourage me from completing that thought. Evidently, she HAS been wearing it every day FOR WEEKS!

So here’s the other fun part of the job: I’m planning a vintage fashion show in November with our American Girls Club, kindergarten through fifth-grade girls who read the American Girl series. The girls are dressing paper dolls and fabulous costumes, courtesy of the very gifted (and generous) paper doll artist, Liana Kerr. You should see her fabulous Halloween costumes! Thank you again, Liana!