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If I tell you how many votes we counted this week, will you forgive me for being late with this announcement? It has taken nearly a week to finish because there were 429 in all and we wanted to be sure the count was correct! Our nominees are working all over the map, from Puerto Rico to New York. Their colleagues and friends wrote wonderful anecdotes about what makes them glamourous, calling them “expert, brilliant, creative, fun, expansive, professional, classy, stylish, lively, intelligent, smart, and savvy.”  The result was close, but there is a clear winner.

When we dreamed up the idea of America’s Most Glamourous Librarian, we had an agenda: mow right over old stereotypes by showing librarians as they are today, people specializing in information at high noon on one of its most glorious days.

I get tired of trying to convince people that librarians don’t sit around reading books in empty tombs. Most of us are pretty sure (if not dead certain) that the book isn’t dead, our profession isn’t dead, and libraries aren’t dead, although we’re first to admit that everything is changing—even us. And we like it that way, because we know that people need us more than they ever have.

We’re still major arbiters of searching, finding and sharing information. And we do it in all sorts of capacities—not just at the local public library. I figured if more people saw who we are, what we do, and how we do it, they might update their quaint, “vintagey” views about us. I love the irony of a vintage web site sponsoring a search to prove how utterly glamourous and contemporary librarians are. In some small way, I hope it improves a false reputation and shows the mark we’re making on the world.

After counting all the votes I was sorry that our search would end with a single representative. And then it dawned on me: why stop with just one when there were so many qualified candidates to represent us? On Saturday morning, we will name America’s Most Glamourous Librarian AND the InfoGlamour Round Table (okay, we made that up), a group of the top 10 librarians in the search. Led by the librarian who earned the 2011-2012 AMGL title, we hope this team will agree to be part of some fun, ongoing conversations. With their consent, each one will be profiled here on the blog over the next year. See you again on Saturday!