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Every time I do one of these giveaways, I get a little nervous before I draw. Can you believe that? I can’t help rooting for people I know personally who have entered! I’m always excited to see who wins, but I feel a little sad for everyone else, especially if I know them personally. Because of that natural bias, I do everything I can to keep this truly fair, placing the entries for each garment in a hat my husband has loaned me. Someone gave it to him for a birthday. Who would be that cheeky? I think it’s the perfect container for the drawing.

In this giveaway, I did know one of the winners, April K. who won the vintage 1980 Tadashi evening gown, which she intends for her daughter, a wisp of a young woman who’ll look fabulous in it. The vintage 1966 Dupioni Silk Cocktail dress goes to Amy. And the grand slam winner in the hotly contested vintage 1960s coat giveaway is Margaret M. Congratulations, ladies! These are all beautiful and I hope you’ll wear or share them with as much pleasure as I do.

I want to thank everyone who entered this giveaway and encourage you to continue entering. You often have a very good chance of winning because…well, it’s not like my blog is famous! I think the odds on the coat were something like 1 to 8โ€“โ€“pretty good odds when it’s this easy to enter.

I’m already drumming up ideas for the next giveaway, so stay tuned.

Winners, please do me two favors:

1) Please take the time to measure to make sure this will fit you or the person you’re gifting. I’ll be contacting each of you by e-mail to collect a physical mailing address after you confirm that the sizes work.

2) Please promise that you’ll share a photo of you (or the intended recipient) wearing the dress or coat. The garments themselves are gems, but they become more precious when we get to see how they are worn and enjoyed in their next life.

By necessity, it’s been a light week of blogging, but stay tuned. I want to share some nuggets from a weekend sewing retreat.

What are you wearing today? I hope it’s something fun and colorful, especially if it’s as gray as it is in Indianapolis today.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.