Just a few days until the deadline for nominating America’s Most Glamourous  Librarian and we are still being wowed by new entries like the latest by Carolyn Lorence, who loved the idea of this quest. Here’s what she had to say about librarians and fashion: “Librarians are at the forefront of life’s movers and shakers. Our hallmark is our curiosity about all things vital to life and humanity. Our outward dress is a manifestation of our joy in the rich patterns of life, the multiplicity of opportunities available to each of us!  We celebrate our vitality, our intellectual and creative life, by caring about personal expressions of style and fashion.” Now see. That’s what I’m talking about! 

For the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering about the people who offer me daily fashion inspiration, my colleagues at the Greenwood Public Library.  Where are the entries, friends? What is holding you back? Humility? Shyness? I decided to take the bull by the horns. After all, I nominated people from a cast of thousands at ALA 2011. Am I not objective enough to see what’s right in front of me?

Linda Oldham Messick. I call her The Dress Doctor.

Linda Oldham Messick

Meet Linda Oldham Messick, eternal optimist and manager of the children’s department at the Greenwood Public Library, a.k.a. my boss! No one rocks a dress like Linda. In fact, she wears dresses almost exclusively; they just suit her. Her husband Mark saw this dress and thought she should try it on. (Great taste, Mark.) It’s got a 50s vibe with its fitted waist and full skirt. Linda also has THE most awesome shoe collection known to womankind. LOVE these wedge sandals she’s wearing. I realize the danger of sycophancy here, but I speak the truth: she’s one of the best bosses I’ve ever had, helping me flourish and supporting me in every pursuit.

Anne Guthrie with FiFi, the newest addition to her pre-school storytime. Rock that leopard print, FiFi!

Anne Guthrie

I have known Anne Guthrie since we shared the same youth literature class in graduate school. Her contagious laughter was the first clue that my decision to pursue a new career in librarianship had been a good one. Who knew that one day, we’d work together? Before becoming a librarian, Anne was a teacher and a homeschooling Mom. Like a lot of Moms, she has sacrificed a lot to help educate three children. With the youngest now in college, she is finally able to have a few things for herself.  She’s one of those people who is built in such a way that she can wear anything and look good. This is the dress she wore to her son’s graduation from flight school. Her companion here is FiFi, a poodle who makes appearances in Anne’s preschool storytimes. (FiFi has a distinct Southern accent. Don’t you love FiFi’s leopard print jacket and black leather boots? Well, okay, they are vinyl.)

The Guru of Thrift, Kim Andrews in the new Butterfly Garden at the Greenwood Public Library.

Kim Andrews

Kim Andrews is a mother of three young children and a former elementary school teacher.  She is naturally bubbly, energetic, and manages to juggle a family with important work as a programmer for toddlers and infants. As a Mom and an educator, she has a real knack for connecting with young children and their caregivers. Kim is also the most amazing thrift shopper I’ve ever known. She is forever showing up in some steal like this $3 top she bought off a clearance rack at Sears.  It has very cool details, like the flat pleated trim around the neckline, frayed at the edge of each pleat. The cardigan she is wearing makes her blue eyes (the color of Grace Kelly’s) pop. I want to follow Kim around and let her choose my clothes.

Well, I could go on and on about my colleagues. And I will. But that’s all we have space for today. If you’re a friend to Kim, Linda, or Anne, you can cast your vote for them until August 7 when you “Friend” our Facebook page and comment on their photo in the album, Facebook Nominations for America’s Most Glamourous Librarian. (Go to photos on the left side column and then select the album.) Alternative voting methods: send your vote to crystal@dressedherdaysvintage.com or Tweet me @DHDVintage.