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One of the highlights, getting an autographed copy of Molly Shannon's new children's book, Tilly the Trickster. She leads such a fearless life. She blew us away at the end of her keynote with this tidbit: her mother was a librarian!

Hey, it’s time to announce the person who correctly guessed the number of glamourous librarians photographed at ALA 2011 in New Orleans. I’ve spent hours organizing, counting, and posting all the new nominees for America’s Most Glamourous Librarian to our Facebook page. I don’t want the AMGL search to end. And, with your help, it doesn’t until July 30 when we’ll accept the last nominee. Voting continues through August 7. Thanks ever so much to all the people who’ve been Friending us (is that a word now?) on Facebook. It’s been so much fun to read your entries!

Meanwhile, I want you to know that Kristin Morton Kozusko won the guessing contest with a guess of 45. She wins anything she wants from our vintage store. Kristin, I can’t wait to see what you’ll choose.

So, how many librarians did we photograph? Well, 47, to be exact. Sort of. I feel the need to explain that. With 20,000 ALA attendees, you might wonder why there weren’t more nominees. Let’s just say I had a few logistical problems.

  1. To all the people in the world whose eyes glaze over imagining the dullness of librarians or our profession (yes, we know what you’re thinking!) I say “Pshaw! You have no idea!.” There were hundreds if not thousands of extremely edgy, glamourous, exciting people to photograph. Was I bold enough to accost all of them when they were clearly rushing from one session to another? No, I was not. I tried to err on the side of being considerate.
  2. So, so, SO many ALA attendees are not librarians by training, education or experience. They are publishers, vendors, authors, and other bibliophiles and information addicts who love hanging out with us for obvious reasons—we’re cool. Should we include them in the AMGL quest? Absolutely—because librarians are nothing if not inclusive. So, you’ll see a few in the headcount who are not, technically speaking, librarians.
  3. Often enough I would see someone with a high glamour quotient adjacent to someone with a low glamour quotient. What to do? Once again, I tried to err on the side of graciousness, because it has never been our intent to denigrate anyone. Don’t we tell our patrons never to judge a book by its cover? I’ve been inspired by some extraordinary people who weren’t the least bit glamourous on first glance, although they sometimes became so after I knew them better. This is a fun little project, but it isn’t worth hurting anyone’s feelings. I had to pass over a few photographic opportunities. I’m okay with that.
  4. I skipped a few events that might have widened the AMGL field considerably. On the night of the Inaugural Banquet (READ: glamfest!)  honoring ALA President-Elect Molly Raphael, I returned to our room after dinner. The banquet was just across the street from the restaurant where my husband and I had dinner. But I preferred the company of that guy I married and my newly autographed copy of Folly Beach on my last night in New Orleans. What can I say? The field of AMGL candidates is already very wide. Why sacrifice the private pleasure of an evening with two favorites for a few more snapshots?

Here are a few details to make it easier for everyone to vote and nominate.

  • All AMGL nominees made by Facebook friends are now grouped under a Photo Album labeled “FACEBOOK NOMINATIONS: America’s Most Glamourous Librarian.” That’s also where friends can add their votes until August 7. (The only omissions from that album are five people who provided links to photos on Flickr. Yikes! Flickr doesn’t allow us to download and post your photos! Happily, our permission settings should allow anyone to post photos there. We’ll keep it that way as long as everyone keeps it clean–and I know you will! Let me know if that doesn’t work. We don’t want to miss anyone, so please upload your photos Dani Vaughn Tucker, Andrea Perez, Sujei Lugo, Cassie Brand, and Ms. Rutherford–nominated by Sarah Dentan.) Or you can send your photo to me, crystal@dressedherdaysvintage.com. Remember, nominations are open through July 30.
  • All nominees discovered at ALA 2011 are posted under a Photo Album labeled “ALA 2011 NOMINATIONS: America’s Most Glamourous Librarian.” Photographing you? It was like living my girlhood dream—the one where I’m an editor of a high-fashion magazine. (Anyone else have that one?) I thank all of my willing subjects (and especially the reluctant ones) over and over.
  • Toward the end of the ALA 2011 photographic journey, my identification techniques got a little sloppy. There are a few nominees who couldn’t be accurately identified. I could sure use your help correcting and identifying all those folks. Please feel free to fix any errors. (Five people I’m uncertain about are: Andrea Milano, Chrystal Carr Jeter, Aubry McElmeel, Sarah Bean Thompson, and Laura Lutz.)

More on the conference later!