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A couple of decades ago, I visited Chicago the week before Thanksgiving wearing only a light trench coat with no lining. That’s when I learned why they call it the Windy City. After being beaten down by a mind-numbingly cold wind for a few hours, I ducked into Marshall Fields and bought the warmest and most stylish coat I’ve ever owned. It was a full-length, double-breasted cinnamon wool with a luxurious silk lining that never seemed to catch the static cling that lesser polyester linings do. I never actually weighed it, but I always felt like I had a 20-pound coat of armor on when I wore it–which is exactly what you want when you live in the midwest during the winter. What I loved most about this coat was how roomy it was. I could wear it over my bulkiest jackets. How I wish I still owned that coat, especially since I’ll be stomping through downtown Chicago this weekend. If you are a sucker for roomy, warm, and stylish, be sure to check out this coat from the 1960s. Love, love, love the color.