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Currently obsessing over: what to wear on my first trip to NYC. We’re seeing Cinderella, Mama Mia, having tea at The Plaza, and visiting the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All four days are filled to the brim, so I need clothes that will take me from morning to night. That will probably include at least one of my beloved Karinas–probably this sleeveless Penelope in yellow polka dots. But shoes? What shoes?

My closet

To you, a crowded closet; to me, a work of art. After a four-hour marathon, my office closet is organized. I couldn’t bring myself to replace the doors. I just want to look at it all for a while. Know what I mean?

Vintage pattern

What’s inside those black crates? A collection of vintage dress patterns that makes me want to go CRAZY with my sewing machine. But when? When? It’s golf season, the time of the year when all my interests collide in a hot mess.

But one still has to read and eat.
What I’m reading: Taylor Caldwell’s Dear and Glorious Physician.
What I’m eating: these scalloped potatoes made my husband a very happy man. Recipe from Sara Croft, the latest sister to join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater. She’s the new food columnist for the Indianapolis Star. Here’s Sara’s sweater post on Solid Gold Eats.

In case you think we’re crazy…
Evidently, our traveling pink sweater is not an original idea. Check out Bag and Beret’s yellow skirt project. It’s for a different cause, but we’ve learned a thing or two from this inspiring project.

Possibles for your fashion and beauty reading list
Toss the Gloss: Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths for Women 50+, by Andrea Robinson. I am sort of “meh” on this book after reading that I’m supposed to give up my bright lipsticks. But there are kernels of wisdom worth the read, especially if you’re convinced that any cream can work miracles on your skin. The author is a beauty industry insider who tells you what works and what doesn’t––and why a drugstore cosmetic may be just as good as that department store brand that costs three times as much.

Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour, by Rachel Zoe. I don’t usually rag on a mediocre book. I just don’t write about it. In this case, I don’t know how to explain my recommendation. The book is phony. Pretentious. Shallow. And yet I couldn’t resist browsing. (Don’t buy it. Borrow it from the library.)

So unlike Garance Doré, my new favorite blogger. She’s French. She’s beautiful. I love her. In this post, she riffs on what real women do about shoes in New York. (It involves sneakers. I feel mortified thinking this is the solution to the aforementioned shoe problem.) She’s famous, (I guess) but she’s genuine. And that makes all the difference. (I love her sketches—and the fact that she uses lots of parentheses in her blogging—my soul sister, not just in style, but also in punctuation. I don’t do it anywhere else but here. It seems like so many things are side notes that work better in parentheses.)

No make up, no problem. (No thank you, for this girl.) But maybe you like the idea of recapturing some time in your day. Go for it. You’ll be right in style!

What’s your suggested style solution for walking the streets of New York?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.