At every age in life, we all need heros. When I was 12, mine was Mary Richards, the television reporter played by Mary Tyler Moore. She was the only working woman I knew who wasn’t a teacher or a nurse. And she was single! Wow! Imagine that you could grow up and live on your own! I’m not saying she was the ONLY reason I chose to major in journalism and marry late, but she was certainly one of them.

Now that I’m all grown up (or at least supposed to be) Madeline Albright has supplanted my old hero Mary. Her steeliness, intelligence and confidence are great inspirations for me as I press on through some of my life’s goals. Her ability to hold her own among some of the most powerful and chauvinistic men in the world (not to mention influence the destiny of nations) has always wowed me.

I’m learning about a whole dimension to Madam Secretary that matches up exactly with what we talk about here: how fashion can be full of meaning and significance. Albright was famous for using her jewelry as part of her personal diplomatic arsenal. That is the subject of her latest book, Read My Pins: Stories from A Diplomat’s Jewel Box and an exhibition organized by the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, which is on display here in Indianapolis at the Indianapolis Museum of Art through January 30. She’ll be here for opening remarks on Thursday and I can’t wait! By the way, Albright’s book is a fun and expansive read on diplomacy, history, literature, and art. Get a copy and savor the read!