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The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Baybery

This book has it all: laughter, tears, engrossing characters, insight, and elegance.





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From the early 1970s. Favorite details: the front box pleat and the high, almost mandarin collar. Doesn't this look like an Easter dress from days gone by?



















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One of the things I love about traveling is the anticipation of who’ll be seated next to me. In a lifetime of travel, I’ve enjoyed fabulous conversation with seatmates who were virtual strangers. There must be something about traveling that makes people feel more open.

On a train ride from Chicago to Indianapolis a few years ago, I sat next to an unforgettable woman in her 80s. She had been a widow for almost 15 years and still grieved for her husband. When she described their life together, I nearly cried to think how much she missed him. It was hard to imagine that they’d ever had a fight from her tender description.

She was interested in hearing about my marriage, what we liked to do together and how we spent our time. It wasn’t as though she was being nosy; it was more like she was loving her husband back to life and feeling vicariously satisfied by my relationship. “Whatever you do, as long as you have him, just love him and love him,” she said.

I thought about her again this week as I heard stories about families who lost loved ones on 9/11/01. How would any of us move forward, believing our spouse had perished because they had postponed travel by a day to be home for a September 10 birthday celebration? Such was the case for Ted Olson who lost his wife Barbara 10 years ago today when her plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Like so many Americans, I’m thinking about all the families who lost someone important to them that day. Maybe the best of all tributes is to do exactly what my elderly companion was encouraging me to do on that train ride from Chicago to Indianapolis—just love and love. Our families. Our co-workers. Our friends. Our neighbors. And yes, even our enemies.