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I’m a sucker for a good book, especially when it tells me what the characters are wearing. That’s how I fell for the Luxe Series, by Anna Godbersen. This series is delicious reading for fashionistas with a penchant for historical fiction. Each cover is graced by a pretty society girl in a late 19th-century party dress, all of which are surprisingly risk√© for the era. For contemporary girls, it’s hard to fathom the way social class and clothing worked hand in hand during that time. How could we live like that? Did you know, for instance, that brilliant colors were once the mark of a hussy or a lower-class woman? In Thomas Hardy’s ¬†The Hand of Ethelberta, the main character’s sister was scolded for her preference for brilliant colors like red and blue, while Ethelberta’s dove-colored dress and matching bonnet signaled her elevated social class. (Think this season’s nude shoes!) What’s your favorite fashion-in-fiction book?