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It’s been 23 weeks since Red’s Shoe Diaries blogger Jody DeFord and I sent this legendary pink vintage sweater on its fundraising journey to benefit The Pink Ribbon Connection. We thought readers might like to know how the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater is going.

Here are all the women who’ve worn the sweater in support of the cause, starting with yours truly.
1. Crystal Hammon, Dressed Her Days Vintage
2. Jody DeFord, Red’s Shoe Diaries
3. Leslie Bailey, The Indianapolis Star Adventuress
4. Megan Giannini, Loxa Beauty Blogger
5. Maggie Conner, @TheHauteHoosier
6. Madison Hanulak, Preppy Guide to Life

Remember, the sweater’s mission is to pass from one recipient to the next, raising money as it goes. Of course, a sweater can’t raise money all by itself, no matter how extraordinary it is!

Each woman who sponsors and styles the sweater asks her personal network of friends to support the journey by donating to The Pink Ribbon Connection, a local organization that helps breast cancer patients during their treatment and recovery.

To be quite honest, the sweater hasn’t traveled as quickly as we had hoped. (We intended for it to change hands every 10 days.) But the number of people who’ve shown an interest in being a sponsor has been astounding! (Who wouldn’t want to wear such a unique vintage garment, especially when it’s for a good cause?)

What do sponsors do?
First, they style the sweater in their own unique way. Then they ask friends, co-workers and neighbors to do something significantly more powerful than simply hitting the “like” or “favorite” buttons on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: they ask friends to make a donation!

Once a sponsor completes those steps, they transfer the sweater to someone who has agreed to be the next conscientious sponsor, hopefully within 10 days of taking possession and sharing our fundraising mission. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater will continue until September 15, when we tally the results.

Here’s the most important thing about this project
This project isn’t about the women who wear the pink sweater. No, it’s about raising money to support women who are on one the most difficult journeys life can throw anyone—an assault on health.

If you know one of these lovely sponsors, we hope and pray you’ll honor their effort with a donation! We need your help to give this project some momentum!

Just for my readers
I’ve got a special incentive for anyone who contributes to the cause. Drop me a comment, letting me know you donated and I’ll send you a hankie to carry in your handbag.

Photo credits for today’s post: Indianapolis Star & Michelle Pemberton, Studio 505, and Red’s Shoe Diaries for the excellent collage.

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