Swimsuits have never caught my fancy. Even when I was a beanpole, I never felt comfortable in one. Doesn’t it strike you as funny that a woman will run and hide if she’s caught around the house in her underwear, but she’ll go outside in broad daylight and bare every blessed part of her body in a bathing suit? I’m not asking anyone else to give them up. I’m just saying…

I make an exception for baby swimsuits. They are always on my hot list of gifts for baby girls. A friend of mine shared this photo of her grandaughter’s suits all lined up and ready to wear on her first real beach vacation.

These sweet baby-girl suits make a nice little intro before sharing the winners of our vintage pattern giveaway.

I’m delighted to announce our winners for the vintage patterns are:

Emily Fleischer, 1950s dress pattern

Cheri, of ajoyfulhandmaiden.blogspot.com, 1936 dress pattern

Sarabeth, delightfullyfeminine.blogspot.com, 1933 dress pattern

Nelly, 1940s high-waisted vintage trouser pattern

I want to thank all these ladies for subscribing to the blog and sharing it with others. It’s so very nice to meet other people who pine for vintage styles! I hope we all get to see the results of these as soon as you complete your work. I’m glad to hear SOMEbody’s sewing this summer. My sewing machines are gathering dust because it’s golf season around our house.

Where have you gone this summer and what did you wear?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.