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The cat’s out of the bag! Several readers guessed the cause behind the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater, posted last week. (What gave it away? The way Jody wore the scarf, mimicking the breast cancer awareness ribbon? Or its sensational color?)

How it works
Our dream is to see this vintage sweater travel from one woman to the next, raising money for the Pink Ribbon Connection on a yearlong journey. How does it travel? Every woman who receives it selects the next woman to wear it. In some ways, it’s like a wearable chain letter.

It’s a journey that symbolizes the road so many women travel on their way to recovery. It also reflects the solidarity of everyone who cares for neighbors, friends, sisters, aunts, cousins, mothers, daughters, wives, and girlfriends affected by breast cancer.

The notebook and journal that accompanies the sweater on its yearlong journey and gives instructions to sponsors.

The notebook and journal that accompanies the sweater
on its yearlong journey and gives instructions to sponsors.

Each woman will wear this glamorous vintage sweater, share photos in her social networks and invite friends to make a donation to the Pink Ribbon Connection, a 501(c)(3) that provides underserved women in central Indiana with information and resources such as bras, wigs, prostheses and other assistance that supports breast cancer diagnosis, care and recovery.

Jody and I can’t wait to see who will support the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater between now and September 15, 2014, when the journey ends and the sweater comes home. Next October, we’re planning a big celebration to meet all the women who wear the pink sweater and become part of the story.

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Support the Sisterhood
As the first woman to wear the sweater, I’ve picked my successor: Jody DeFord. Soon, she’ll announce the next woman to carry the torch. Now, it’s my turn to invite you to donate to the Pink Ribbon Connection. (It’s important to use the donation link because that’s how the organization tracks the money raised by friends of this little pink number.)

Please share my request with your friends and family and ask them to donate too. The Pink Ribbon Connection makes it easy to donate by accepting PayPal and credit cards. Whether you donate or not, you can help us by spreading the good word.

Jody’s grandmother, my mother and my best friend (Julie), have all weathered breast cancer with dignity and grace, so this project has special significance to us.

Have fun tracking the sweater’s movement by following this hash tag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest: #SisterhoodoftheTravelingPinkSweater. Jody and I will also give frequent updates on our blogs, so stay tuned, follow the cause and join the fun. Is there anyone you would like to honor as you pay tribute with a donation? I’m honoring my Mom, a 10-year survivor and my BFF, Julie, who has whipped it twice. They are both tougher than nails.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.