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Monday’s style is Sunday’s church clothes, laid out on my bed and ready to wear.


To kick off summer, one of my clients asked for a blog post about beating the heat. That—and the fact that I forgot to apply deodorant when I left the house for an afternoon of golf (yikes!)—got me thinking about the history of deodorant. According to an Auburn University doctoral student, it was first introduced in 1888 in a product called “Mum.” Check out this early ad for Mum or this one for Odorono, both of which play on the insecurities of women and our supposed desire to make ourselves attractive to men. And how about this offensive ad?

The first deodorants were floral-scented creams, advertised in a way that emphasized femininity. As natural as it is to sweat, the first ads for women’s deodorant appeared in the back of magazines because women weren’t supposed to sweat—let alone need deodorant.

Contrast that with today’s ads.

1)   Clinical Strength Secret­­—Fear of being hurt: You’re tough. But your underarms are tender.

2)   Sure—I’m Sure.

3)   Secret—Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

4)   Dove—Hold your pose with confidence.

5)   Degree—Unapologetically strong.

Women are more cautious and aware of the harmful ingredients in perfumes and deodorants. What we put on our bodies goes straight through our bloodstream. How has that changed your choices about perfumes and deodorants? Coco Chanel said a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. What if she doesn’t wear deodorant??!!

 Life is short. Wear the good stuff.