My very expensive camera collided with asphalt recently. If it sounds like I had nothing to do with that, let’s just say that I haven’t fully come to terms with my role in that mishap. But the vintage fashion show must go on, so I’m delivering this post with a little back up camera. Not the best photos, but I’ve seen worse. My camera will be back from the shop in two weeks. I feel like a good friend has left the country.

If I’ve ever had a dress I loved more than this one, I don’t know which it would be. Every inch of this nubby patterned wool screams custom. I have looked all over for evidence of a tag, but the inside seams and silk lining suggest custom tailoring. That’s made more believable because it came from an estate sale filled with couture evening gowns and high-end jewelry. The frenzy over the couture stuff probably allowed this dress to sneak by adrenaline-rushed bidders at the auction. It’s really hard to date this one because it is such a classic. My best guess is late 1960s.

I love the draped neckline, which is great for my scrawny neck. It also has my favorite sleeve length. A Chico’s chain belt and a $5 denim jacket removed the stuffiness. (I wear the jacket so often that I estimate its cost per wear is in the negative range!)

I love a dress that keeps me warm in the winter, without being scratchy and uncomfortable. What’s your favorite winter dress, vintage or otherwise? I’d love to see you in it.