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Yellow seersucker dress


If dreams are like a second shift where you work out problems in your subconscious mind, then they surely say something about what’s important to each of us.

I’d like to say that my dreams are about ending domestic violence, hunger or human trafficking, all of which I do care about deeply. Sadly, I frequently dream about shoes and clothes—as if there weren’t already plenty of evidence that my mind is too often occupied by fashion.

Exhibit A: In a hospital recovery room after having my wisdom teeth pulled, I chatted up the recovery room nurse from the depths of an anesthetic fog. “I have a pair of shoes just like yours,” I said. Much later, I realized how unlikely it was that a recovery room nurse would have been wearing a pair of black patent pumps.

Exhibit B: Last night, I dreamed that I found two pair of Talbots pumps on sale for $19 each—one in nude, the other in a lovely shell pink. It was a terrible quandary: should I buy one or both?

I promise you one thing: if you make an appearance during my nightly slumber, I’ll remember you by what you are wearing.

Now occupying my dreams: how to fulfill the $75 Summer Challenge.

This week’s entry is a vintage seersucker dress that was just hanging in my closet unworn. For some reason, I’ve never been able to part with it. I always felt a subtle change could transform it into a great summer dress. But what?

Yellow seersucker calf-length

I snipped 7.5 inches off the original mid-calf length for a knee length dress that has an infinite possibilities. After serging the edges, removing the too-high belt-loops and hemming the dress, I combed my scarf collection for a belt. I roughed it up by pushing up the three-quarter length sleeves and turning up the collar. Quirky shoes finished the rescue mission. Cost: $0.00!

Tip for your thrift shopping: look for dated things that can be easily updated with a bit of sewing and a few accessories.

Week 2

Join me on the $75 Summer Challenge by leaving a post on my Facebook page or leaving a comment with a link to your blog post!

Anything in your closet that has possibilities with a subtle rework?

Have I mentioned that I LOVE to analyze the significance of dreams? What are you dreaming about?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.

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