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Greetings from the Crystal Coast of North Carolina! This isn’t one of my regular posts for two reasons: 1) We’re vacationing with family and my work schedule is abbreviated and 2) I’ve got a guest post at Pattern Indy about Hand Jive, a Fort Wayne, Indiana company that makes fun, figure-flattering clothes.

I hope you enjoy exploring the Pattern Indy site and learning about Dawn DeSanto and Kenna Jackson–two fabulous women who started Hand Jive after becoming frustrated with the dowdy (and limited) fashion options for women over 40.

For out of state readers, Pattern Indy is local network for people who work in and around fashion in the Indianapolis area. The last I checked, our group was actually bigger than a New York City group that shares the same mission.

Meanwhile, I’m sharing the view from the Emerald Isle cottage where we’re staying. Tomorrow is our last day and we’ll spend part of it on the golf course. Yesterday, I had my personal best on the first nine holes of Star Hill Country Club. The wheels fell off on the back nine, but it was a momentary glimpse of glory.

I hope you’re finishing the last week of July in your own glorious way. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

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