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ziebra bustier

This zebra-print bustier/purse was part of my Christmas loot from an exchange with my crazy librarian friends at the Greenwood Public Library.

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Buttons—we take them for granted, don’t we? And why wouldn’t we? As a closure, they’ve been around since the 13th century! Their history goes back even further than that. Estimates vary, but they seemed to originate around 2600 B.C. in a region now known as Pakistan.

They were used as ornamentation for centuries, but they became a really big deal during the middle ages when form-fitting clothes were fashionable. Because really, how can you squeeze yourself into skin-tight garments without the racy miracle of a button?

How is it that we’ve come to believe we’re the most promiscuous generation? Back in the day, buttons were used very deliberately to entice a man. They were strategically placed to emphasize an easy point of access to a woman’s body.

Buttons were also instrumental as tokens of love. A lady’s sleeve might be detachable, and therefore, she could simply unbutton a sleeve and hand it to her darling—sort of an ancient version of the Valentine.

I’m most intrigued with a button idea I learned from Bella Q. at Citizen Rosebud. She uses them to cover moth holes on vintage garments, scattering them artfully. Clever, eh? So now you don’t have to pass on that to-die-for vintage piece that is so delicious even the moths couldn’t resist.

I can’t wait to see the look on my husband’s face when I hand him a button on Valentine’s Day. What are your Valentine’s Day traditions?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite buttons and other odd assorted things.

rose button
Black buttons
coral button

If you’re still shopping for Valentines, Etsy is a great place to look. That’s where I found this little Do Not Disturb (Thimble Fairies) pillow for my office door–now a necessity since my husband and I both work at home from time to time. It keeps him from barging in during an interview and is waaaay better than the note I had taped to the door!

do not disturb