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See this black sweatshirt? I can almost hear what you’re thinking: “So? It’s just a black sweatshirt.”

Yes. Yes it is. And it’s THE MOST WORN garment in my wardrobe. Sorry to disappoint, but this little baby has been with me for thirty years––longer than I’ve been married. Technically, it’s vintage. I wear it summer and winter, morning and night when my husband tries to freeze me out of the house. I wear it at the gym, in the yard, on the golf course, and yes, to the grocery store.

I’m not even sure they make sweatshirts like this anymore. It was free, unless you count the cost of a heart ache. It belonged to an old boyfriend I wouldn’t give two cents for now. He didn’t have a faithful bone in his body, so I kept the sweatshirt and ditched the boy.

It’s funny how you get attached to a garment. It has nothing to do with fashion or memory and everything to do with comfort. No matter how ratty it looks, you’ll wear it. It’s the grown up version of a teddy bear or blankie.

So here’s my question: what’s your favorite makes-no-fashion-sense garment? Whether it’s an old men’s sweater you’ve latched onto or a flannel housecoat that belonged to your uncle (I had one of those, too!) I’d love to know what you’ve worn for ages for pure comfort. It has to be something you can’t bring yourself to get rid of, even though you should!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.