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I’m hemming this little 1980s vintage party dress, which looks totally conservative from the front. But the back? Va-va-voom. It’s backless! It was a dowdy tea-length number, so I’m shortening it for the Etsy shop. No worries–you won’t catch me in this little number. With a subtle change in the hemline, this is going to be a knockout on the right girl! That’s going to be my theme this year–small transformations that make a big impact.


Happy New Year! You know what I love about January 1? It’s a day where time stands still. The past is truly behind us and the future is just a possibility. It creates a huge amount of room to breathe and do and be in ways that we just won’t allow ourselves the other 364 days of the year.

I woke up this morning with not much more than a hope that I could do a few administrative tasks. By 3:30 in the afternoon, I was humming (off-key) the theme to Rocky after finishing the taxes for my business. It’s usually an ordeal. Not today. I was in an unfamiliar zone where everything came together like a guided meditation––easily and effortlessly.

By noon I was still in my jammies, but all my inventory, expenses and income were accounted for. Wow. “Why not press on?” I thought. After a shower, I tallied the results and summarized them in a statement for my accountant. I finished in time to complete an evening jacket I’ve been making, do some laundry and relax with my husband before bed.

I think this little cacoon evening jacket is going to make me look like I have more on top than I actually do. Just employing the art of deception to help overcome an ill-proportioned body!


Doing my taxes is an annual task that usually brings me to tears, but not before months of dread and procrastination. Contemplating the day, I wondered, “What made the difference?” Here are three small things I learned today about productivity.

  1. Organize. The little bits of time I spent here and there––all year long––made a huge difference. Everything was logical. All I had to do was follow my own trail. It wasn’t an incomprehensible wad of receipts. I file, therefore I am.
  2. Live beyond goals. Sometimes a goal is nothing more than a tool for bludgeoning ourselves. I hoped to finish inventory today. After that? “Well, let’s see.” I thought. No wonder I felt like a superhero after accomplishing so much. (And no wonder I feel lower than whale excrement when I set goals higher than the highest stars—and never reach them.) We pride ourselves on being goal-setters, but sometimes we do better without them.
  3. Be in the moment. So many times when we sit down to our work, we aren’t really thinking about what’s in front of us; we’re thinking about everything that’s keeping us from the next task or event. When I don’t borrow all the worry of unfinished work ahead, everything in front of me is less daunting and more fun. I tried to pretend like there was nothing else on my to-do list. It’s a harmless little deception that seems to work.

I’m not reviewing last year or planning the next year today– just looking at one fulfilling day and hoping I can remember all the little things that helped it come together.

Here’s a wish for all my friends in 2013:

May we file religiously and logically. (Ha. Ha. Could this really happen two years in a row?)

May we not become pack mules to our goals.

May we be happy and focused with the task at hand. We’re the CEOs of our work; why not give it our full attention?

And when it comes to fashion, may we apply the art of small transformations and big illusions to help us put our best foot forward.

How was the first day of 2013 for you? Got any big plans for this year?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.