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big hair

I found this wallpaper of vintage ladies with big hair and red lips as a piece of decor inside the Carmel Office Suites. From the outside, it looks like just another big box office building. Step inside and you find cozy sitting areas with a funky vintage vibe from features like the floor-to-ceiling columns of books shown below.

I was there to see a nutritionist whose office is on the second floor. Before my appointment, I dashed in the powder room. There I met radiant Deanna, owner of Kiss the Sky. She’s a short hair specialist.

“I shave my hair off and start from scratch every three years,” she said when I complimented her on her shorn head. “I just think it’s very empowering for women to realize that beauty comes from within. With short hair, there’s nothing to hide behind. It’s just you.”

Amen, sister. A short crawl through her website you’ll learn that she is also a yogini. (No wonder we clicked.) If you live in Indianapolis and you’re considering short hair, Deanna is the woman to guide you forward with confidence. I’m thinking of calling her for my next cut. (I’ve finally stopped cutting it myself after one too many hack jobs.) I like doing business with people who consider their work a vehicle for serving others.


Net results from the appointment with the nutritionist
Yippee! I’m already doing a lot of the right things. The big surprise: I only need a few small tweaks, including more food at breakfast and lunch, and less in the evening.

Evidently, this is a common mistake for weight conscious women. We eat too little in the morning and at lunch. By dinner we’re famished, and we eat perhaps half the day’s calories before bed when it isn’t needed for energy. The cycle starts all over again the next morning because we’re not that hungry for breakfast.

I’m also concentrating on getting a little more protein and nutrient-dense snacks if needed. Here was another big takeaway: what to do with the blood results you get at your annual physical. That’s a subject for another blog post—which leads me to the next topic.

New blog
Remember how I mentioned I’d be blogging here a little less often so I can make progress on other goals? With today’s post, I share the first product from one of those goals—a new wellness blog that focuses on serving others while helping me promote my business as a writer.

Blogging is a big investment of time, right? I started the year determined to directly link my personal blog to how I earn a living, which is storytelling for leading healthcare providers.

So my new blog, Wellness Scholar, includes insights from all kinds of health experts—always people in geographic markets that don’t compete against my local clients. I’ll also interview people with healthcare experiences that are informative for practically anyone.

My first post is a piece about nutrition for menopausal women, selfishly written for my own edification, but good for anyone who’s fighting the battle of the bulge and other side effects of menopause.

Which woman in the wallpaper above reflects your attitude the best? I’d love to hear from you! If you like this post, please share it with a friend!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.