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Lipstick poems episode 1 copyIf it’s true, as American poet James Tate said, that poetry is everywhere, then why not look for it in your purse? If you’re one of those people who has a lipstick for every outfit, maybe you’ll understand.

On my way out the door each day, I toss a matching lipstick in my purse. Ten days later, I find myself carrying an Armageddon of cosmetic weaponry, powerful not just for the punch of color they add, but also for the language used to name them.

Eventually, my purse gets heavy enough that I can use it for my strength training routine. (Just kidding!) That’s when I purge my lipsticks and start over.

On a recent dump, here’s what I found:

All Heart
Bombshell Explosion
Temptress Rose
Russian Red
Lady Danger
Truffle Tease

Hear the poetry? How fun would it be to write a poem using words on this list?

Maybe you’re not the type of person who writes poetry for fun—but you WOULD do it to win this vintage-inspired jewelry, a necklace and earrings created by designer Colleen Toland.

Collen Toland Necklace and EarringsFrom now through August 25, write and submit your poem using any of the seven lipstick names on this list, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win this necklace and matching earrings. I’ll announce the winner on Labor Day weekend.

Lipstick Poem Instructions

• Leave your poem as a comment to this post!
• Increase your chances of winning when you share this post in your social networks. (I’ll add your name to the drawing twice if you share it on Facebook or Twitter! Just to be sure I catch it, let me know when and where you shared it when you leave your poem!)
• Use at least seven lipstick names on this list. Two-word lipstick names count as one name, but the words don’t have to appear side by side. You can use as many additional words as you like.

Write in free verse, haiku, rhyming stanzas—anything you want. I’m not picky. Let your creative juices flow! I can’t wait to see what you write! *Note: The information you leave on my site will not be shared with Facebook. Keep it clean, folks!

What’s the most intriguing lipstick name in your purse?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.