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My parents are in their 80s, and there isn’t much I can buy them that outweighs the time my siblings and I spend with them. When we do shop for them, we look for things that either make their life better, or something that’s strictly sentimental.

There is almost nothing more dear to my mom than her kids and grandkids, although lately, her great-grandkids have been giving the rest of us a run for our money.

Lately, Mom seems to worry about us more than ever. Frankly, I don’t understand how she has the bandwidth to fret about three generations, but she manages. What she really wants is for all of us (simultaneously) to do good things, live right and be happy. That’s a lot to ask when you’re looking at a family of 35 people.

When Messages in Metal reached out to me to select a product for review, I spied this lovely sterling silver hammered necklace and thought of Mom immediately. The sterling silver looks great with her hair. I had it personalized with all four of our names. It arrived in a beautiful gift box within a few days of my order. When I presented it to her one evening after our family Thanksgiving gathering, she was delighted.

This necklace came with a nice 20-inch chain plus a 2-inch extender that makes it work perfectly over a bulky turtleneck, which is how Mom wore it the next day. This same design came with other options, including one with birthstones for each child

I love the fact that Messages in Metal jewelry is made and personalized in the good ‘ole USA—in Montana, to be exact. I want to be clear that this was gifted to me by Messages in Metal. Under the circumstances, it’s difficult to imagine that I would say anything unkind. Even so, I do heartily recommend their personalized jewelry as a possible holiday gift. My next favorite gift idea: these charming name necklaces.

Sometimes, I wonder what my parents think when they look at this massive family and see what happened because they met and fell in love. It’s just such a great reminder that everything we do ripples outward. They are still the sweetest couple, and I think our whole family feels blessed by the depth of their love. They make it looks so easy.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.