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The costume pearls in the photo above belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy. They are included in the First Ladies exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Pearls have never really left the stage, but with Barbara Bush’s passing, they seem especially au courant these days.

It’s well past time for another post, but I’ve been working and traveling so much that I haven’t had much time for blogging. So….in celebration of National Poetry Month, here’s an original poem with a little fashion woven into the seams.

I know it’s not great poetry, but I had fun playing around, writing freely around a theme and trying my hand at something I never do.

I would say that this will be my debut poem, but on further thought, it’ll probably be my first AND last. (I think I’d better stick with prose!)


Raised by two who wore the cloak of onlyness,
there was no shock or desperate cry
against the deliberate march she made
toward royalty.

That’s right.
She claimed the crown,
and sure that no one should be offended.

Every rule the exception for her,
She stomped on through
gradually knowing where this led,
panicked by her own audacity.

Wrestling it to the ground,
allowing it to raise itself again.
Ignoring it and anyone else’s reaction to it.
It never left her side.

Every affront was a proclamation,
a full assault on ordinary life.
A scarlet thread swirled around her,
sanctioning her devotion.

Tripped up only once or twice
when humility and doubt sat her down
for a nice Long talk, persuading her to
lay it aside.

she’d get up and walk out of the room,
a little less steady, but still on course,
preparing for that final confrontation.

In high heels and pearls,
she guessed she’d meet Him,
and claim with all her might,
that it hadn’t been her fault.

She hadn’t meant to steal anything
or disobey.
But were those commandments
really meant for her?

Okay, I went first. Be brave, now. Share some of your poetry with me! 

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.